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Thumbnail Generator 1.3

It allows you to generate multiple thumbnails from different image formats
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Thumbnail Generator is a small but useful application that allows you to generate thumbnails from JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP image formats. The program is very easy to use; first, you have to load the source image, then, you need to adjust the width and height parameters for the thumbnail.

An advantage of using this program is that when scaling an image, it will always retain its size ratio; also you can add a border color for the thumbnail. You can then add a text watermark and adjust its font, font size, and font color - the program will be able to use all the fonts installed on your computer. Finally, you need to save the thumbnail as a BMP or JPG image.

Probably, the main advantage of Thumbnail Generator is that after you have set all the parameters mentioned above, you can process multiple images at the same time; you just need to specify the source and destination folders of the thumbnails, set a file prefix, choose the thumbnail format, and Thumbnail Generator will carry out the conversion process automatically without prompting or you can process each file individually prompting for file names.

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  • You can add text watermarks
  • You can preview the image before it is being processed
  • You can save the thumbnail as BMP or JPG
  • It allows multiple image processing


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